FY_BLOODARENA for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Bloodarena is an original fy (or fun yard) map for Counter Strike Source. With the introduction of Arms Race maps in Counter Strike Global Offensive a Bloodarena remake just seemed natural.


In this project the goal was to recreate the layout while introducing a story driven theme. In this case, Alcatraz became the perfect setting. Bloodarena takes place in the recreational area of the Alcatraz prison. Both Terrorists and the Counter Terrorists are the inmates involved in a Deathmatch themed competition in order to reduce their time in prison ( or something as hypothetically ridiculous). Both teams are strapped with C4 ankle bracelets in case of any unsportsmanlike conduct is to take place.

After referencing photos on Google uploaded by folks who visited Alcatraz the original map received a major face lift. The recreational yard at Alcatraz coincidentally scales to almost exact size of the boundaries of the original Bloodarena. In result a classic from the Source generation receives a deserving update in the visual department while being enchanted with a story driven aesthetic.