DE_CONTRA_PRO for Counter-Strike : Global Offensive

Contra is a competitive league map originally created by Superjer for Counter Strike as an improved sequel to Aztec. Contra was re released for Counter Strike Source with the removal of the Aztec textures with no alteration to the layout. In 2009 the first idea of a complete face lift for Contra was conceptualized, removing the Aztec theme and replacing it with something industrial as an official Source remake. After the announcement of Global Offensive it was a matter of time before production would commence.


Keeping in mind that Contra was a league map, the dimensions of the layout were crucial to keep intact. After seeing the improvements made to Aztec in Global Offensive in comparison to the Source version reintroducing the Aztec theme felt appropriate. The project began production in June 2012 and was completed in August 2012.


An increase in geometry detail throughout the entire map took place, which included reconstructing the presentation of areas without affect to game-play. Minor adjustments to the original layout were made to improve traveling within a certain areas. Such changes include the addition of a direct tunnel from sewers into A Site, removing of the ramp underneath Arches that leads to sewers, replaced by a ladder that connects Arches at A with Sewers. The current in the water at the lower half of Sewers under B Site was removed. Additional width has been added to the Back Stairs from B site towards Well / Sewers. The space for Counter Terrorists to see a rush towards B Site from Counter Terrorist Mid Box has increased allowing for easier picks by both team. In conclusion the Global Offensive version of Contra returns to it's beloved Aztec theme, while introducing improvements to the layout.