DE_EMPIRE for Counter-Strike : Global Offensive​

Empire is an original map for Counter Strike Global Offensive, inspired by Aztec, Season, Port and Dust 2. Developed specifically for the CEVO / GAMEBANANA 2013 Mapping contest with the goal of creating a well balanced competitive map for league play.


With a little over a month's time for completion this project was a result of a years practice. With prior experience in the industrial themed resources provided by Source SDK another industrial themed map using resources provided by Global Offensive SDK became the best option for the allotted time.


The longest amount of time invested went into developing a well balanced layout. In nearly two weeks a final layout was developed, following the addition of a story driven theme. The layout consists of an open Middle Area dividing each side into two distinct areas. B Site being completely indoors, with narrow hallways leading into a large storage room, while Bombsite A consists of outdoor and indoor passageways towards a small artillery filled garage. The time it takes for players to rotate between each site is an average equivalent of previously released official maps.


After developing the layour the process of detailing the map using the industrial theme came natural. During the detailing of geometry a story was incorporated for players to decipher within the context of each site. In conclusion this project was a way to create an original map, in a competitive setting while under a set time frame. The final product was judged by a panel of experts narrowing down to 10 finalists who were voted by the community to be CEVO's 2nd preseason map in the Counter Strike Global Offensive bracket.