DE_SIENNA for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive​

Sienna was originally introduced in Condition Zero, created by Dave Johnston creator of the Dust, Dust2 and Tides maps. Much to the popular success and the continuous releases of his maps Sienna never received the same recognition. Dave describes the final version lacking open spaces in comparison to Aztec, Dust or Italy. After reading his making of article the goal of the project then was to recreate Sienna while introducing new paths and opening up existing ones.


The project began at the end of March 2012 and continued production until late May 2012 for Counter Strike Source. The Source version was ported into Counter Strike Global Offensive's SDK in August 2012 for a release in September 2012. The beginning of March was spent looking up resources online from Google Images, to driving around Siena Italy in the Google Car. During the second half of March, a top down screenshot of the Condition Zero Sienna was used as a reference for recreating the layout in Source SDK. From April until May work on the original map's layout took place updating the brush geometry to create an open environment. Photographs of Siena were used to replicate buildings within the SDK for a lifelike visual aesthetic.


When the project was completed for Source, the announcement of Counter Strike Global Offensive went public creating opportunity for further development in a rapidly growing community. Throughout the developing stages much of the original layout was receiving improvements on transitions between areas creating new paths for Terrorists to navigate to each site. The original Sienna did not have an official Middle area close enough to each spawn. Terrorists would have the option of going right from their spawn directly into Bombsite A, or left towards B where a fork splits two ways. One way is towards Bombsite B (to the left) and the second towards Middle (to the right) where Terrorists can decide to try their luck at Bombsite A, or continue on their way towards Bombsite B from the Counter Terrorist's Spawn.


During the developing of new transitions between areas the addition of a narrow path between two buildings near the Terrorist spawn gave Terrorists an idea of Counter Terrorist's location before they reach the fork. In the original Sienna, a Counter Terrorist could very easily rotate from Bombsite B to Bombsite A by running through two apartment hallways both in favorable location to the Counter Terrorist. To balance the issue of Counter Terrorist's ratoation between B and A a fork was created for Terrorists at the fork into a set of apartments that lead directly towards a balcony in Bombsite B, which cannot be accessed by Counter Terrorists who are in Bombsite B. The redesigned apartments eliminate the threat of Counter Terrorists pinching a Terrorist rush into Bombsite B at the fork by creating a hallway for Terrorists to temporarily escape towards either Mid or Bombsite B. Counter Terrorists can no longer rotate from Bombsite B to Bombsite A through apartments as fast as they originally could, with the removal of access to the balcony. In result the Counter Strike Global Offensive version of Sienna has opened up greatly, including the balance of rotates for both teams between each site.


P.S. After realizing how confusing this sounds to someone without visual reference or knowledge of the original map in comparison to this updated version, I strongly recommend playing both maps and seeing the difference.