DE_SKYLINE for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Skyline is a remake of the classic Piranesi map. The goal with this project was to add an element of competitive game play within the original layout specifically for Global Offensive. Giving Piranesi a much deserved visual upgrade allowed for drastic changes to the original layout design.


Originally the challenge of this project was a strict time limit in order to be eligible for submission in the High Altitude Contest hosted by GameBanana. After learning of the contest only a month before the deadline, production began quickly. After a few weeks in, after learning a cash prize was the reward submitting this map into the contest was no longer an option. This gave the production value the considerable time extension it deserved. After a second month of consistent work, the layout felt natural and Skyline no longer felt like a complete remake of Piranesi but rather a fresh adaptation of it's most valuable aspects.