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Torch is a Bomb/Defusal map for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. On this page I'll be documenting my process chronologically with the newest post at the top.



After playtesting Torch in both competitive and casual settings I compiled a list of feedback. I prioritized the changes that would have the biggest effect on the overall timings of each encounter. While making changes to each of the three main lanes within the map, I focused on creating opportunities for supporting actions between each lane. The goal with this update was to create an intuitive flow within and around each area of the map encouraging cooperation between both teams.



For the first blockout of Torch my goal was to create a believable castle setting with timings between engagements suitable for both competitive 5v5 matches, and casual 10v10 scrimmages. Each area should feel unique, providing players with enough visual ques to quickly learn and adapt to the layout and the locations of combat engagements. For each area, my goal was to add layers of opportunity for all skill levels to explore ways to utilize existing gameplay mechanics within Counter Strike: Global Offensive. 

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